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For many the kitchen is the heart of the home; it can be one of the rooms you spend a lot of time in and as such it is possible that you may be blinded to the fact that things have started to become a little shabby. Perhaps your kitchen needs some updating, or even a complete remodel. You may be happy with it as it is but here are our top 7 signs that...
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Bring modern style to a forgotten home space. Change a dull and unimaginative hallway decor. Tap into decorative ideas that lift the style and energy of a hallway space. Use color and simple accents to add personality and modern design to a hall area. Give a hallway special polish and elegance with a classic, eclectic or contemporary tone. Paint or add wall...
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Go for happy, refreshing treatments of modern design in your home decor. Give a space more snap, pop and a punch of dramatic style. Go a little brighter, more defined or express a creative contemporary look in your living spaces. Focus on the style impact of color on every wall or just on an accent wall. Show style and elegant personality with a mixture...
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Decorate an enclosed porch as a first impression for the home, a comfortable place to unwind and feel peaceful in or as a stylish space for family and friends. An enclosed porch should meet its primary purpose—which is to please you. Define your porch style with an updated antique-style ceiling light fixture, wicker furniture with comfortable seat...
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Cozy spaces in your home can be a bedroom, a living room or family room. These spaces inspire relaxation and comfort. Rejuvenate your disposition, body and outlook in a special space dedicated to comfort. Enjoy yourself in a cozy space that is personal and stylish. A soft chair, bed or chaises are the furniture pieces that promote a relaxing elegance...
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Keep the focus on fun with a beach house decorating theme. This cozy style is fresh, relaxing, colorful and light in heart. In beach house decorating, colors and textures are inspired by natural surroundings of the outdoors and beach shores. Find beach house elegance through art, throw pillows and colorful upholstery furnishings. Be bold and daring...
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