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This is a list of my favorite beginner trombones that you can get from Amazon for under $1000. When first starting out on the trombone you do not want to spend a fortune (think $3-5000 here) on an instrument that you might not get on with too well. I've got a nice selection of trombones that range from the $180 mark to about $1100. If you're brand new to the trombone...
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In today's music scene populated by half-naked and not always talented pop stars, it is calming to the nerves to find someone who can play, write and sing well and without outdoing it. In USA it isn't hard to find them. Lately they have been popping out from the underground like wildflowers. (72% complete, at least 55 words missing)
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It's easy to create your own homemade musical instruments. In fact, it is so easy that both children and adults can try it! This is actually a fun way to teach children a little about art and music. You and your little one can make, decorate, and play the musical instruments! Here are a few ideas for creating homemade musical instruments.
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