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List of the best 4 free available ways to get backlinks to your website or blog. (50% complete, at least 100 words missing)

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One of the first things you should know when owning a website or blog is that it needs visitors. Sounds simple and obvious doesn't it? It is obvious that you need lots of traffic to not only help your site grow but to also make money. Some people get very disappointed when they create an awesome blog/website and find out that very few people are visiting...
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Most tools needed to drive traffic to your sites can be found here. (22% complete, at least 155 words missing)
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Increasing web traffic isn't easy. In fact, it's pretty hard, and it takes time to do. If you want to increase your web traffic the right way, the route to take doesn't involve bookmarking software, spam comments, or publishing second rate articles all over the web. The only strategy that will work is hard work, and that involves creating great content,...
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