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I've first known the band Flaming Lips after hearing it in the local radio and was instantly captured by the airy vocals of frontman Wayne Coyne. It was one of the best songs i"ve heard and feel that I can listen to it all day long. After some time I purchased the album of Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (in cassette tape medium…yes it's old school),...
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2012 Spirit of Flight Engagement Calendar (Weekly Planner) by Josephine Wall
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Plan ahead and buy a beautiful fairy calendar for 2012 before the end of the year creeps up on you! These enchanting fey calendars feature some incredibly magical illustrations from reknown fantasy artists. Image: 2012 Spirit of Flight Compact Engagement Calendar (Weekly Planner)
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The last list of the graphic novels I recommend the most highly for various people. From manga to western, classics to new releases, obscure titles to instantly recognisable popular titles, there's something here for you, your ten year old, and your uncle. This was part 3 of 3. For more in the list visit
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A continuing list of the graphic novels I recommend the most highly for various people.These comic books run the range of fantasy, humour, historical, young adult, colour, black and white and mature. Also see:
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Graphic novels - comic books - are one of the greatest inventions in recent history, second only to the Discworld. Pretty pictures, effective colours or graceful lines, quotes and speech bubbles, vivid characters, intriguing story lines and available in the library! From newly published webcomics to gritty classics, such as Watchmen, there's a book...
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