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Selection Sunday starts! The annual March Madness show brings together a unique form of insanity with thumping of balls, boots, hoots, hoops, dances, weird rituals that will culminate with the NCAA tournament winner. But before that there is Selection Sunday to go through!
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The numbers 1 to 10, drawn by me
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A spoof top ten that is in effect a top ten of my personal thoughts on creating a top ten list like this one - I should include making sure the introduction itself has a hundred words, and not just the overall list - doh. Fortunately I have been able to pop back in since then and edit the list to fix things up here - that's just one of the perils of being...
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challenge accepted meme
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Created by TilenHrovatic

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Check out top 5 funny and cool internet memes and go to the provided links to learn more about each meme and see all the cool and funny comics related to these cool and funny internet memes. Have a fun time with top web comics!
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Posted by the-s. Referrer: Paul Crowe
Here is a compilation of the best pranks videos I found in a web site and one of these videos has a top 5 mom's pranks... Enjoy it ;) (51% complete, at least 97 words missing)
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Authored by flynnthecat whose referrer is lou16
Everyone knows that cats are out to get us, while being simultaneously adorable, maniacal, fluff-brained, innocent, conniving and intelligent. The following books are the best guides to surviving your pets and identifying what they are really up to.
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Written by flynnthecat introduced by lou16
Edward Monkton, perhaps better known as the U.K.'s top-selling living poet Giles Andreae, is known for his strangely obvious, yet hilarious greeting cards, each featuring a stick figure or brightly coloured cartoon and an Uplifiting Message so ridiculous that it sends everyone who reads it into fits of giggles. But he has also published several books!...
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Publisher: Paul Crowe
Some are interesting, some are weird and some are just strange !
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