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The very idea that a dead woman, murdered, as being more virtuous than a woman explaining to police how she'd killed an attacker with a firearm is so very obscene that the English language, though vast, is sorely lacking in the proper adjectives adequate enough to describe such a loathsome, immoral, and fear mongering obscenity.
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Dolph Lundgren was back on the big screen with "The Expendendables". However, he still keeps on churning out directs to DVD movies. Here are three movies you maybe haven't seen. (96% complete, at least 7 words missing)
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Steven Seagal stars in three or four cheap, direct to DVD acion movies per year. Most of them are shot in Eastern Europe and are pretty lousy, some of them are unwatchable. But here are three Seagal movies that are pretty entertaining and deliver the goods.
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