Google created a doodle of the World T20
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Written by arvindharti

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Google created a doodle of the World T20 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup,you can feel the World Cup fever which will start from March 8 to April 3 will run
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Google AdSense Leak : Open Letter To All The Banned AdSense Accounts Holders Around Mid-2012

Remember the date? What happened to me, my ban and the bad joke appeal process which followed happened in the summer of 2012, in July '12 just days when I was due to go to China for a month...
Well now there is an open letter, a sort of leak, from an ex-AdSense employee, one of the monkeys I was referring to..

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It's Been A Long Time...

Wow. It's been a long time since I wrote any articles on this site. I had forgotten all about it. That is until a couple of days ago when I noticed that out of the blue, I earned 21 cents from AdSense on Best Reviewer. I was surprised.

I had to come and check out the sight again. I'm glad the site is still up in spite of the drop in traffic, and Google's pandas, penguins, and other algorithm updates burying our tops reviews in the search results.

Clearly the Sky in not the limit!
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Authored by Sancheo
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I have been battling for years to figure out how to constructively use the internet. Albeit for shopping for a Christmas ideas, purchasing music and movies, or attempting to make money. Fortunately, I have found that by going straight back to the basics, which is my love of writing, I can do just that. I can make money from the internet through...
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Traffic statistics direct from Google Analytics now displayed on the site!


Today thanks to a cool module, I was able to add a little graphic at the top of each top and salary pages showing the last 30 days traffic. There's also a link for each graphic which gives more details like referral sites and keywords used.

Also on the homepage I added a graphic for the whole site, also with a link to the precise information. You should have a look if you want to know what is succesful at the moment on Best Reviewer.

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What are the most searched for keywords on Google? Google's Trends tells you!

Google Insights is now merged with Google Trends, so I created several pages showing the most searched for keywords on Google, with several date periods and countries, US, CA, UK, AU and Worldwide..

So one can easily get an overview of what's going on. I also added a date period of last year, same date period, for the 2 and 4 upcoming months, so you can predict the future of popular searches up to a certain extend of course..

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Author: referred by nkenji

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However, there are many SEO books that focus on strategy and tactics worth considering. Well understood principles of information retrieval, content optimization & promotion, consumer search behaviors and analytics are timeless.
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Spy AdSense : SpyOnWeb, ReverseInternet, WikiPopia, Blekko, etc.
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Posted by Alliax
SpyOnWeb is a site that allows you to check related sites by IP, Google AdSense Publisher ID, Google Analytics ID and a few more identifiers.. But the problem is that they build their own database, so their service is limited by what they've crawled so far.. So there's a need for more similar services if you want to get a more complete picture of sites...
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CPA Networks
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When Google decided to ban me AdSense account, it was in fact a blessing. It forced me to look for other ways to monetize my sites, and in fact I realized that the money I was making with Google was ridiculous compare to the potential I can make with these sites. So here you go. I am sharing with you my top 6 CPA sites, that can complement or totally...
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