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They wore bracelets, earrings, rings, Bangels, Nosepin, Cufflinks, jhumkaas. One custom they seemed to have begun was wearing several rings on each hand. They also developed a unique technique for making gold jewelry called granulation. This involved soldering tiny grains of gold on a solid gold background, which made the item sparkle.
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While the overall beauty of a necklace, bracelet, or ring is by far the most important thing to look for, there are little markings that appear on precious metals that can be confusing to people. This article explains some important things to know about those markings.
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How Much Money Does Hugo Chavez Make?

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Salary of Venezuelan Hugo Chavez is not public but under a Venezuelan law, his salary can be 12 times the minimum wage. Since minimum wage in Venezuela (September 2011) is $4,320 per year, this means that his salary should not be greater than $51,840!
US facing difficult times
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Top political rants about well... everything. Unemployment, Federal Government and Education costs are just some issues that need to be addressed in the open discussion. (80% complete, at least 40 words missing)
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The kippah, or kippot is a sign of reverence. It is placed on the head, the vessel of intellect, to symbolize that there is something which is above man's intellect - the infinite Wisdom of God. They come in a variety of materials - Satin, Velvet, DMC, Nylon, Wool, Terylene, Yemenite and Leather. Top 10 Evil Eye Jewelry Sold in Israel
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The Star of David is the recognized symbol of the Jewish people. It is also known as the Shield of David. Many people like to wear the Star of David as a necklace, pendant or other jewelry. Here is some Star of David jewelry in gold and silver. For Hamsa jewelry, click here Top 10 Hamsa Jewelry from The Holy Land
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Here is a list of top ranked malls of Dubai where you can Shop,Dine and entertain your whole family. Also you can fine the best Gold shops of Dubai over here. (55% complete, at least 89 words missing)