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This list will show you the top 3 Germany calendars for 2012. (51% complete, at least 97 words missing)

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List of the most five countries played matches in UEFA Euro Cup (33% complete, at least 133 words missing)

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A list of the football players who most scored goals in all fifa world cups (36% complete, at least 127 words missing)

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This is a list of the top 3 National Teams which finishes most in the top four in FIFA World Cup (31% complete, at least 138 words missing)

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This list provide the top 5 German players who played most matches in all FIFA World Cups, Last update 7 Nov 2011 (19% complete, at least 161 words missing)

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Top 20 Players who played for Germany National Football team in matches played. (50% complete, at least 100 words missing)
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If you say European food then most of the people thinks of Italy: pizza, pasta and cappucino. Fortunate enough Europe has a diverse gastronomical culture and every nation has different dishes. The Germans are famous of their beer and sausages, the British eat fish and chips and hamburger, the Dutch has a unique fusion cuisine, the Central-Eastern European...
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