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I,m sure 95% of you guys will agree with me on this. We all have our reasons, sure, but I'm sure 90% of you will agree with me on this very short, simple and effortless list I just made. Btw: Apperantly I need at least 100 words to get a pass. For your viewing pleasure, here's some lyrics from a song: I got broads in Atlanta Twisting dope, lean, and the Fanta Credit...
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Cool Story Bro
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"Cool Story, Bro" is a very popular and cool internet meme that started as a reply on the forums. And now this timeless saying is featured on many different products with many different and really awesome designs. Cool Story Bro Sweatshirts are really popular and therefore here is the list of 5 top rated sweatshirts with these awesome designs. (92% complete, at least 15 words missing)
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The top three best Three Minute Philosophy videos on YouTube. The Three Minute Philosophy series of videos on YouTube are growing increasingly popular due to their great mixture of comedy and education. The basic gist of the videos is that each of them discusses a philosopher, sometimes more than one, in a funny but still educational way. In a way it is surprising... (91% complete, at least 17 words missing)
bill o'reilly
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The fox news presenter Bill O'Reilly is renowned for his loud and often outspoken personality. As a result, a number of memes have been created around sound bites and videos related to him. Some of these have really caught on as a result of just how funny some of Bill O'reilly's outbursts really are. Whether it is arguing against an adolescent or attempting...
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Are you looking for best comedy movies?Wondering which comedies are the best?Here is a collection of some of the best comedy movies of each decade (00s,60s,70s,80s,90s).Here You Go : (54% complete, at least 91 words missing)
funny facebook profile picture
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Make your friend laugh and share your status updates on Facebook by posting these awesome and funny status updates and quotes on your Facebook wall Check out the best quotes and ideas for your next Facebook status update and also check out the related links to find lots more cool ideas for funny status updates on Facebook.
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Here is the top list of unbelievable records verified by the Guinness World Records for the year 2012. Some are funny and weird while others are quite unbelievable. (88% complete, at least 23 words missing)

How Much Money Does President Obama Make?

It was recently reported that, our President gets approximately $400,000.00 per year, and even when his term is done, he's getting approximately $180,000.00 for life. Since we're all taking cuts in work time and pay, how about chopping off a few dollars from that amount to make jobs for others huh?!
challenge accepted meme
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Check out top 5 funny and cool internet memes and go to the provided links to learn more about each meme and see all the cool and funny comics related to these cool and funny internet memes. Have a fun time with top web comics!
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Here are three cartoons of mine that I hope will give you a chuckle! (26% complete, at least 148 words missing)