Disney Store Limited Edition Disney Princess Designer Collection 11 1/2" Dolls:
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Ten specially designed classic princesses dressed in fantastic new, exclusive outfits inspired by modern runway fashion. Like all Disney Store's limited edition dolls, they are beautiful, unique and increasingly valuable (selling easily for several times their original retail price) and highly desired by Disney fans and collectors. The first princesses...
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Creator: flynnthecat introduced by lou16
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Disney has produced a range of gorgeous, limited edition collectible dolls for each of the Disney princess. Usually about 17 or 18 inches in height, these astonishing creations were produced in runs of 1500-5000. The dolls are poseable, plastic PVC, numbered (in the small of the back, usually) and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are very...
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The Complete Secret Six Fanart by Flynn the Cat
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Creator: flynnthecat whose referrer is lou16

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The Secret Six graphic novels from DC Comics were an instant hit, despite their short lived run. Most of the volumes are now highly collectible, and hard to find as they all pretty much sold out. A team of supervillains who formed a dysfunctional family as well as went out on jobs as thugs-for-hire, they were unique and interesting, scary, creepy, violent,...
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Narwhals are awesome - what other creature can justifiably be described as a sea unicorn? There are dozens of funny, cute and clever tees on Zazzle from original artists, and I've selected my top ten narwhals!
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If you loved 'How To Train Your Dragon' (and you probably did, as it was both fun and clever and wonderfully animated - my dad watched it four times in the first week alone!) then you might be looking for more toys, artbooks, and various extras to extend the magic. There are awesome dragon plushies, the original book series (did you know it was a book...
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Everyone knows that cats are out to get us, while being simultaneously adorable, maniacal, fluff-brained, innocent, conniving and intelligent. The following books are the best guides to surviving your pets and identifying what they are really up to.
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This is a list of the few good lesbian graphic novels (comic books) available. Mostly from lesbian authors, these are comics that focus on lesbian characters in a variety of modern, fantasy and sci-fi situations, lives and love affairs, with a wide variety of art styles. (Note that these are separate from yuri manga books, which are a separate category...
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While there are a lot of picture books available, there aren't many gay or lesbian themed stories. If you want to introduce the concept of homosexuality to your kids, or if they're wondering why the families they read about are never like 'their mommies' or 'uncle peter and his boyfriend', then some of these picture books may go a long way to introducing...
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Edward Monkton, perhaps better known as the U.K.'s top-selling living poet Giles Andreae, is known for his strangely obvious, yet hilarious greeting cards, each featuring a stick figure or brightly coloured cartoon and an Uplifiting Message so ridiculous that it sends everyone who reads it into fits of giggles. But he has also published several books!...
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