How Much Money Does Salman Khan Make?

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Popular indian bollywood actor Salman khan obviously earns lot of money. He has got money, fame, body everything but yet to find his desired wife. I hope he will get married soon.
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Women have an idea to themselves of the way they look and feel, as an essence to womanhood. Sometimes, they are too hard on themselves (seeing only the incipient double chin and ignoring the neat ankles), while at other times, they may try self-deception (picking clothes that are too small because they refuse to admit that they have put on weight)....
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Looking for Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney Kardashian's fashion and style? Then this list is for you!
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After 2 years writing on HubPages I would like to tell you what I consider to be my best three Hubs! It has taken these two years to write 49 Hubs I hope to get to 100 Hubs in quicker time. (72% complete, at least 55 words missing)
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Fashion and Hollywood are almost synonymous, so keeping that in mind here are my top 3 fashion tips to spice up your wardrobe and make you look like a Hollywood star within a limited budget! Fashion is not all about wearing the most expensive clothes and accessories but it is about how you are able to carry off what you can wear everyday with perfect... (80% complete, at least 39 words missing)