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Put simply, what is most important in my life is cultivating the ability to help people be happy, and to relieve them of the suffering they experience. ... The ability to help people be happy and suffer less is what I call true love, which I think has three essential components: kindness, compassion, and equanimity.
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Authored by Branbran97
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Have you ever just looked in your wardrobe and thought, "damn i don't know what to wear"? or "What is in trend right now"? Well here are my personal top 10 male outfits of 2018
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Anime fashion
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Reviewer: KathrynDarden whose referrer is squidoogirl

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When you think of fashion, you probably think of style magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle, or Bazaar, or runway shows with famous designers, or exclusive couture shops. Perhaps names like Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Burberry and Emporio Armani come to mind. Sometimes the look is retro; as they say, "Everything old is new again."...
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Colorblock Heels
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Publisher: TilenHrovatic
Colorblock Heels is a very trending topic right now and here is the list of top 5 colorblock heels that you can find and buy online for yourself or for an amazing gift to someone you love. (86% complete, at least 28 words missing)
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In this list you can find the best Squidoo lenses about Kim Kardashian and products related to Kim Kardashian. If you are a fan of Kim Kardashian than you really need to check out these lenses and find awesome things that will interest you if you're interested in Kim Kardashian. (82% complete, at least 36 words missing)
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Written by Cyrus Yeo
You are interested in finding more about yourself in a fun way? These 5 tests are part of the funniest psychology tests you can find online. Test yourself by trying them.
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Reviewed by Tammy85. Referrer: JadeDragon
Designing your own clothing can be a lot of fun! You can come up with something that will stand out from the crowd! Maybe you want something in a design you cannot find in stores. Maybe you have your own design in mind. Put it on an item of clothing yourself and show it off to the world! You can design just about anything, include shirts and bandanas....
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A screen of one of the 5 tutorials.
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A poster is any piece of printed paper which typically includes both textual and graphic elements. Although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text; they are mainly designed to convey information and message. They are a frequent tool of advertisers; particularly of events, musicians and films. If you are short of ideas on how to create... (67% complete, at least 66 words missing)
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Editor: gloomz
Would you spend hundred of dollars even thousands on shoes? Well here are the top luxury Shoe brands (35% complete, at least 129 words missing)
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Creator: gloomz
Love high end fashion brands, curious to know which is the best out there? Here is the list. (48% complete, at least 104 words missing)