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Hi, my name is Gloria but my pen name is Goo2eyes. This is also my twitter name. My website bears my pen name which is www.goo2eyes.com. Blogging is my hobby. Whether I make money or not, it is not really a big deal but honestly speaking, I prefer to make a little buck on these blogs. I spend most of my free time writing and maintaining them. Hope you enjoy...
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Exile is a fascinating topic, that is subtly woven into our lives and literature. From a guiding theme of life, to poetic and touching quotes, to lending new meaning to familiar tales, exile studies are a new way to gain insight into the human experience. (30% complete, at least 139 words missing)
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The next big Disney film, due out on November the 24th, is Tangled - about Rapunzel, an innocent girl with long, golden, magical hair, who's been locked up in a tower. Enter the dashing thief Flynn Rider and she escapes with him for adventures, discovery and excitement. The art of Tangled is expecially notable, and Disney's making a big effort to make...
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The classic story of Rapunzel is getting a rewrite from Disney with the upcoming 'Tangled' - whether you're interesting in cosplaying the pretty long-haired princess they've created, or want to immerse yourself in the original story, these pages are the best Squidoo has to offer.
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