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As of this year, according to statistics from The Vegan Society, over half a million people in the UK are currently vegan, and judging on the amount of vegan recipes shared on TV, the celebrities outing themselves as vegans, and the amazing selection of vegan products at the supermarkets, that number is set to rocket up in the next few years. Conscious...
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Healthy Living the easy way
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Written by Kate Mc Bride
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These three articles will give you hints and tips on diet,sleep and exercise which you will find useful in your daily life.If you adopt the lifestyle changes proposed in these tops you should feel the benefits in all aspects of your life. (82% complete, at least 35 words missing)
"I'd be Happier at the Beach!"
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Do you envision your glass half full or half empty? Are you unhappy wishing you had things you don't have, or wanting situations to exist in a certain way when they currently don't? Would you like to feel happier and have a more positive disposition? Then try these interventions for twenty one days, at which time they become a habit, and see if you don't...
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I am trying to learn about gardening! My family is trying to make healthy changes and adding an organic vegetable gardening to our lifestyle. These pages are resources if you would like to learn more about gardening. (30% complete, at least 140 words missing)
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If 2009 was the year of cutting back, 2010 was the year of adding on, at least when it came to food. The year's top catch phrase: More cheese, please! On menus from Taco Bell to the Cheesecake Factory, cheese was piled on, in several varieties. Melted, fried, sandwiched, stuffed and slathered on anything and everything, it's safe to say that, if you're...
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A salad can be a whole meal, a starter, an accompaniment to the main course, a refresher after it, or even a dessert. With the abundance of fresh produce available year round and the awareness of the role of vitamins and healthy eating, more people are enjoying the light, crisp, colorful balance of flavor that a salad can give. (46% complete, at least 108 words missing)
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After doing quite a bit of research and looking at a lot of food recomendations, I came up with the foods that I should eat for a healthier life.
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