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Yes, Wayne struggled with his own internal demons, who us do not. Yet he rose above them...well, most of them anyway! (43% complete, at least 114 words missing)
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Women going bald, be hopeful and bold. Take into account some of these medication to conceal you problem. (87% complete, at least 26 words missing)
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Many people go through their day totally oblivious to the hazards certain conditions have on their health. (75% complete, at least 49 words missing)
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Nutmeg is a spice which is enjoyed in many recipes across the world. Nutmeg has a rich history and its uses out of the kitchen are sometimes surprising. For example, did you know that nutmeg can be used to cause an altered state of mind? It’s true, a nutmeg high results when people consume a more than two tablespoons of nutmeg. Large amounts of nutmeg... (93% complete, at least 14 words missing)