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Pet lovers live interesting lives AND they have interesting problems.
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A well behaved dog
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Having a well behaved dog is not difficult but it will take time, training and commitment. The motto for dog training is the three Ps - practice, patience and perseverance. Dogs need short, frequent lessons in order to learn what is expected. The trainer, or owner, needs to understand that it takes time for a dog to learn. He or she needs to be patient....
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This tips and tricks can solve many of your dog's problem behaviors. Keep your dog healthy and happily part of the family. (42% complete, at least 116 words missing)
A set of three articles on very different topics
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A combination of articles on the history of dogs,the hedgehog as a gardener and the practice of yoga in the Western world. This set of articles is unusual as they are completely unrelated to each other but I thought it would be a good idea to try out some variety as I usually only put related articles together in a top. The history of dogs is very interesting...
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Dog apparel is designed to keep dogs warm, dry and clean in the winter and cool in the summer. There are also dog life preservers too if you like to take your dog out on open water. The dog coats/t-shirts that we have here come in a variety of styles and themes. There are funny shirts, nerdy shirts, military and tuxedo style shirts too. There is a shirt... (85% complete, at least 30 words missing)
Dog Behaviour, Traits and Actions
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The domestic dog is very much a distant cousin of that most feared of all predators the wolf. And even though dogs have become man's best friend there are many traits that still exist in the modern day dog which came from their wild and untrained predecessors. Some of these traits may be considered, by human perception, to be problematic, sometimes...
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babies and dogs, halloween outfits for babies, halloween outfits for dogs
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Ever thought that your kid and your dog have many similar behaviors? Maybe not. Maybe I'm weird, but ever since bringing home my little girl, I can't help drawing similarities between her and our Labrador... (81% complete, at least 38 words missing)

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You and your loved ones are not the only ones who can dress up for Halloween. You can dress your dog up as well! There are plenty of costumes to choose from for your pup, including animals, characters, and superheroes. Here are a few dog Halloween costumes you can find for your loyal companion!
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Here you'll find information about my cats, why I want to have a dog, beautifull pictures of my cats and duel about cruelty to animals. Go meet our pretty cats.
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Do you keep on searching about dogs over internet?Do you love dogs?Do you want to keep them as your pets?Wondering which dog breed is best and which is most popular?Wondering how pop culture is impacted by dogs?Answer to all these questions is given in the following pages.Just look out what are the most popular dog breeds,guard dogs and Cartoon dogs. (69% complete, at least 62 words missing)