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A well behaved dog
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Having a well behaved dog is not difficult but it will take time, training and commitment. The motto for dog training is the three Ps - practice, patience and perseverance. Dogs need short, frequent lessons in order to learn what is expected. The trainer, or owner, needs to understand that it takes time for a dog to learn. He or she needs to be patient....
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If you're using a traditional collar and leash combination with your dog and find they often wheeze or cough when out walking then you might want to consider using a harness instead. By using a harness the pressure is distributed around the chest, torso and back instead of being all on the neck. This unique design also gives you greater control over... (82% complete, at least 35 words missing)
Newfoundland Puppy at five weeks old. Image by Susan Zutautas
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There are many things to consider before bringing a cute little puppy into your life. This new little furry friend and family member can be expensive, will need a lot of love, understanding and training. Depending on the size of the breed that you are considering space in your home and yard size is important.
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