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Digg is a Social Bookmarking website that allows you to promote your content in a voting manner, you can submit your article links to Digg and select the category where your article link will be posted, after having enough votes your article will move to the top news section, here is a list of the top 16 similar social websites.
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Food Blogs
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My blogspot food blogs that I constructed and maintained for the people online. Really, amazing to share these food blogs for it will give readers vital information for their cooking at home or restaurant business.
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Blogspot Blogs
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My best blogspot blogs for the year 2011 and I am sharing these online. It's constructed and maintained through my own motivation to be part of the internet marketing.
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To receive traffic to your website and articles, you must write keyword rich detailed content that should be unique for readers. Apart from writing beautiful content, it is required to create couple of backlinks to get more traffic. Below are some of the best sites to create backlinks. (77% complete, at least 45 words missing)
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Here's my top three social bookmarkers. I've picked them for ease of use and the way they have worked for me. If you're new to social bookmarking or blogging, I reccomend these to begin with as they're straightforward and have a high page rank. Why have I picked three ... well there are thousands and in my experience these are the ones that stand out.
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