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Comic book based movies are really, really hot right now and everybody knows that there will be a slew of them coming out in the following years. We even know what a bunch of them will be. After all there's been a lot of buzz about them and we hear about them all the time. However, there are some that aren't quite getting that buzz. Some that may have...
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I am a huge Batman fan so when I first heard they were making a show called Gotham I was excited. I figured it would be something like Smallville, which I loved, that shows how Bruce Wayne developed into Batman. I thought we would even see him do a little crime fighting maybe with a mask to hide his face. Then I found out the show would be concentrating...
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Every since the first season of "Arrow" I have been saying that it is actually a combination of Green Arrow and Batman. I don't know about you, but the Batman similarities are so obvious. In this post I'm going to point them out and you tell me if I'm crazy or can you see them too. Many of you may have already noticed the similarities yourselves. So lets...
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Being a comic book lover all my life, I am happy to see the comic book characters that I loved and read about come to life in movies and on TV. For the most part Marvel Comics have ruled the movies and DC Comics the television arena. However, DC made a great move with "The Man Of Steel" movie and Marvel is now coming along on TV with "Agents Of Shield"...
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