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Nine out of ten times whenever I had a conversion with a female or male on the subject of relationship, they always say that the most important factor in a relation that they are looking for is true love and commitment. Based on these facts it is important for both partner to be cognizant of this very vital ingredient which is the glue that will bind...
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Relationships are a lot of work, especially in modern times with so many other distractions. To make any relationship work, one must follow a few basic tenets. Being honest, open and communicative will help any relationship stay healthy. Overt time though, people change a lot, which can cause strife. Many people are not aware of the inevitable change...
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Get Over Broken Heart
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Breakups are never easy and broken hearts can be hard to mend. But it is important to get yourself on the mend quickly. Living in the pain of a past relationship for too long, can lower your vibration for love and make it harder to find healthy love and a healthy relationship the next time around. There are so many things that you can learn from...
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knight in shining armor
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Men are different to women when it comes to love. They process things differently including their feelings. For a man he wants to be the Knight and knights generally travel light so he will be working out if you are going to travel light with him or are you going weigh him down'. If you want to be his damsel then he will be looking for clues as to whether...
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street signs
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In new relationships it is sometimes difficult to read the signs he likes me. There are a number of things that we can do to make sure that the signs go our way, especially on the critical first date. After all, we do want to make sure that we get to date number two. After date number two we want to make sure that we keep him engaged and pursuing...
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There are people in the world who don't care about love, and who feel no remorse, empathy or emotional attachment to others. They don't even know what these feeling are. These people are called sociopaths. Most people think of a sociopath as a deranged serial killer, but, with 4% of the population having the character traits of a sociopath, most sociopaths...
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You'll be Thinking Love, & He'll be Thinking Money, Honey!
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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, a lonely woman's thoughts turn to love and finding her soul mate. Beware though, for this is the time of year those Romance Scammers come out in droves searching for these exact same loveless laides!
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To get love, kindness, and consideration, you must first give it.
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It may not be apparent to many fellows as to exactly what will impress a woman on that first date, and, we all know, that you only have that one time to make first impressions. So, for those who are dumb founded, here's a little help in the right direction.
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First Date Tips
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First dates can be stressful for guys. Where to go? What to say? How to act? The following is the top 5 articles that will help guys to navigate the stressful world of the first date. (65% complete, at least 70 words missing)
Interesting ways to increase female attraction
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Every guy should have a good idea of the things that attract (and repulse) women. This list shows some of the best things you can learn to increase that attraction and make yourself a man that women desire. Attracting women need not be something that is tough and mysterious.
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