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These three timeless classics have travelled an incredible journey, within the ever-meandering rivers of South Africa's ebbs and flows. These songs have appealed to various stages and historical changes of not only the country, but also reaching the diversity of the various cultural barriers found in our 'Rainbow Nation'. I have selected these three...
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Living on this earth needs our flexible understanding why we are living here on this planet called earth. We need these moral values, for us to reach-out the essence of living. These articles have a lesson on whatever culture you are belong. The core insight is for you to decide being a man.
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One thing you can say about American's, they love their way of life. This includes fads, fetishes, and their almighty television sets. This is a list of the Top 5 articles on The World According To Clark about our crazy modern American way of life! These articles are filled with pictures and links on the subjects they discuss.
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What is a happy world? What is a happy country? It's a world, it's a country: - Where people live in peace and security, - Where people live free and in a democraty, and where Human Rights are respected, - Which enjoys an important quality of life, - Where research, training, information, communication and culture are shared by all. (47% complete, at least 106 words missing)
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A great way to learn more about cultures are travel books. They are captivating, entertaining and educational. There are some great travel books that can change your opinion about world and appreciate other cultures. (72% complete, at least 56 words missing)