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The very idea that a dead woman, murdered, as being more virtuous than a woman explaining to police how she'd killed an attacker with a firearm is so very obscene that the English language, though vast, is sorely lacking in the proper adjectives adequate enough to describe such a loathsome, immoral, and fear mongering obscenity.
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Some of my favorite toys: First, my Buzz Lightyear collection with lots of Buzz suggestions for Christmas, then the new Movie Replica Quality Buzz Lightyear toys, and last but far from least, my Remote Controlled Helicopters!
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Learning how to control your level of Stress is one of the most important thing to know these days, when almost everyone wants you to be always at your peak with constant requests of top performances. Forget about how much stressful is just living during these hard times with the economic crisis flooding everywhere. Well, there are four simple things...
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