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The Complete Secret Six Fanart by Flynn the Cat
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The Secret Six graphic novels from DC Comics were an instant hit, despite their short lived run. Most of the volumes are now highly collectible, and hard to find as they all pretty much sold out. A team of supervillains who formed a dysfunctional family as well as went out on jobs as thugs-for-hire, they were unique and interesting, scary, creepy, violent,...
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A visit to Metropolis, Il- the self proclaimed home of all things Superman.
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Writer: Roy Perrin
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Comic books aren't just for kids anymore. With the rash of comic based movies in Hollywood these days, know something about the characters could be benefitial.
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This is a list of the few good lesbian graphic novels (comic books) available. Mostly from lesbian authors, these are comics that focus on lesbian characters in a variety of modern, fantasy and sci-fi situations, lives and love affairs, with a wide variety of art styles. (Note that these are separate from yuri manga books, which are a separate category...
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Edward Monkton, perhaps better known as the U.K.'s top-selling living poet Giles Andreae, is known for his strangely obvious, yet hilarious greeting cards, each featuring a stick figure or brightly coloured cartoon and an Uplifiting Message so ridiculous that it sends everyone who reads it into fits of giggles. But he has also published several books!...
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Creator: turdburgur
Who are the top 10 villains in the Spider-man series? Most have seen the Spider-man movies, but they have yet to scrape the surface of all of the super villains created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and others. So who is number 1?
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The last list of the graphic novels I recommend the most highly for various people. From manga to western, classics to new releases, obscure titles to instantly recognisable popular titles, there's something here for you, your ten year old, and your uncle. This was part 3 of 3. For more in the list visit
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A continuing list of the graphic novels I recommend the most highly for various people.These comic books run the range of fantasy, humour, historical, young adult, colour, black and white and mature. Also see:
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Graphic novels - comic books - are one of the greatest inventions in recent history, second only to the Discworld. Pretty pictures, effective colours or graceful lines, quotes and speech bubbles, vivid characters, intriguing story lines and available in the library! From newly published webcomics to gritty classics, such as Watchmen, there's a book...
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