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One great way to study the history of fashion design is to observe and possibly even collect paper dolls. That's right, those sets of paper dolls that little girls play with. I have created a list of some of my favorite times in history for fashion design from paper dolls showing an American family during certain eras and decades of our country's past....
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I have a real fascination with the vintage illustrators of decades past. The illustration art used for advertising, magazine covers, books, and postcards just fascinate me. The talent is incredible and was done back before there was computer software and tools to just pull things together. Many of these illustrators and their work are considered collectible...
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Here I have listed a lot of adorably cute Animal Salt and Pepper Shaker sets. If you are an animal lover or know of one, these Animal Salt and Pepper Shaker sets would make great gifts. (97% complete, at least 5 words missing)
Disney Store Limited Edition Disney Princess Designer Collection 11 1/2" Dolls:
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Ten specially designed classic princesses dressed in fantastic new, exclusive outfits inspired by modern runway fashion. Like all Disney Store's limited edition dolls, they are beautiful, unique and increasingly valuable (selling easily for several times their original retail price) and highly desired by Disney fans and collectors. The first princesses...
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Disney has produced a range of gorgeous, limited edition collectible dolls for each of the Disney princess. Usually about 17 or 18 inches in height, these astonishing creations were produced in runs of 1500-5000. The dolls are poseable, plastic PVC, numbered (in the small of the back, usually) and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are very...
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The Kotobukiya Bishoujo range of statues feature well known heroines from Marvel and DC comics such as Wonder Woman, Emma Frost, Black Widow, Rogue, Phoenix and the Scarlet Witch. These collectable figures are both gorgeous, colourful recreations of these iconic women and actually affordable - although not always obtainable, as they are imported from...
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Collecting Halloween ornaments is becoming so popular, it's almost scary! More and more people are decorating their home or their office with Halloween trees - and the more ornaments, the better. To decorate your Halloween tree, choose ornaments with a theme (cute or scary, black cats, witches, bats, ghosts, whatever you prefer) or mix and match using...
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