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Written by Kate Mc Bride

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Have a look at these three articles on childhood stammering, travel sickness in children and children's colds and flu and read how to prevent and remediate these ailments easily.There is some useful information here and some simple ideas on how to prevent travel sickness,how to manage fluency problems and how to deal with children's colds and flus.
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These articles focus on childhood fluency,travel sickness and colds/flu in children (39% complete, at least 121 words missing)
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What do all Minnesotans' have in common at this time of year? We Minnesotan's, feel like we live in the" land of the lost" in mid winter. Cold, warm, frigid, flooding, hail, rain, thunder snow, warm, freezing rain,wind, more snow. Who say's that that the ground hog really knows what is going to happen in the spring. I know this year the ground...
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Posted by ted1959
Winter can be a real pain. Life in all its complexities must go on. There is lots of snow, bad local forecasts and looking for bread in the grocery stores when a storm approaches."Sorry, we sold out two hours ago." Some say we've had so much snow, the snow flees are wearing parachutes. And its been cold. In Maine, we've got snow up to here but you can survive... (83% complete, at least 33 words missing)