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The french Clickbank : 1TPE

Hello there...

For the last 2 or 3 years I haven't been active in the english internet world..

I was focused on email marketing, affiliate marketing, in french..

That's because I tried to start in english and I wasn't going anywhere, so I thought I would try in french where the competition is much much less..

Anyway, in french there is only one affiliate platform similar to clickbank (for digital products, with affiliates program) it's 1TPE :

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ClickBank Powered Audience Builder and Platform

In clickbank this morning I've seen a new thing, they sell an hosted solution for affiliates in particular:

ClickBank Powered Audience Builder can put you on the fast track to building a loyal and profitable online following as an affiliate. It’s the simplest way to build an audience that can earn you cash.

They charge $27 (hahaha those 7 ending prices...) per month for their blogging + list building solution.

The description of this new service is based on 3 points:

- ATTRACT your audience
- ENGAGE your audience
- MONETIZE your audience

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Explanation of Clickbank's Risk Management Tier

Clickbank will introduce a new metric in its system starting from January 2013, it is caled Risk Management Tier.
First let me explain why they do that:
They are the middleman, the retailer, so that all the products they have in their marketplace are bought directly from them. After they pay the commission of the vendor and of the affiliate if any.

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Clickbank Contextual Ads Widget: Does It Work? My Results...

I know this is not the way to go, but coming from 9 years of adsense, I'd really like to see it working.
So I bought a lifetime membership at the start of september on a service which does contextual ads because as you may know Clickbank has terminated its own contextual widget named HopAd Builder on 4th september after removing all pages from its site on 23th july.

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There are a number of plugins for WordPress which allow you to display Clickbank Ads on your blog. But CBProads have just released their own WP plugin and it rocks! [Also read Top 10 Reasons To Use The Wordpress Clickbank Niche Storefronts Plugin]
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WordPress Clickbank store
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[Also read Top 12 Reasons To Choose Cbproads Clickbank Wordpress Plugin] WordPress is a great choice for anyone building a website, although personally I simply love Drupal and that's the one I use, I know that MANY people love Wordpress the same way I do love Drupal, and that's fine. One advantage of Wordpress over Drupal is the number of plugins there...
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