Christian spiritual warfare
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Christian spiritual warfare is the art, or science of using the armor of God to fight for the things which are under attack in your life. These things can include your health, your business, your marriage and even your children. To fight effectively you have to put on the whole armor of God which includes salvation, righteousness, truth, the Gospel,...
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I'm quite amazed at the way things are at Christmas time. Why is it that so many people celebrate Christmas with fevor, but never mention Jesus Christ. They get all into the Christmas "spirit" with the music, the shopping, preparing the festive foods, etc. However, they never seem to mention or acknowledge the original reason why Christmas is celebrated...
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Discover the Bible verses you can use to fight for your country spiritually since the Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit. (94% complete, at least 12 words missing)
online business
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Regardless of whether you are facing financial or marketing challenges in your online business, the following are the Bible verses that you can meditate on and speak over your business as you fight for its success spiritually. (41% complete, at least 118 words missing)
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Facing strong discouragement? On the verge of giving up? Learn the Bible verses you can use to fight discouragement since the Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit we are to use to fight our spiritual battles. (57% complete, at least 84 words missing)
depression, dealing with depression naturally, Christian depression treatment
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Christian depression treatment which uses Biblical principles has a central role to play when one is dealing with depression naturally. (30% complete, at least 139 words missing)
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The following are the top 3 Christian Videos I have uploaded. (11% complete, at least 178 words missing)
Christian stress management
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Learn Christian Biblical Principles for dealing with stress and combine them with medical relaxation techniques for holistic stress management. (63% complete, at least 73 words missing)
Catholic Apologetics
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This is an excellent guide to some of the most frequently asked and often misunderstood questions by non-Catholics and some critics of the Catholic Church.
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Every Christmas season you can count on seeing at least one of several Christian Religious movies being shown over the holidays. The first Christmas story is the story of the birth of Christ. Most of these movies include the entire life of Jesus Christ, not just his birth. As with all Hollywood films, some license is taken with the actual accounts,...
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