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If you are looking for some wallpapers of some attractive celebrities, then you need to go no further. The links below contain some of the best celebrity wallpaper pictures you can find online. Go no further: Check out the great celebrity wallpapers
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Miami Heat star LEBRON JAMES is among the most popular athletes in the world, as shown in the number of Google searches for his name, his Twitter followers and Facebook likes, articles praising or criticizing him, his impact on NBA ratings and his multimillion endorsement contracts. There are even NBA players that say nasty things about him just to get attention....
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People often insure themselves but it is usually a life insurance. However, you can insure any part of your body which you feel is worth insuring. There are celebrities who have taken huge insurance for their personal precious assets (body parts). Find below some of the celebrities who has taken such insurance policies: (65% complete, at least 69 words missing)
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Can you think of any celebrities who don't seem to have much business being famous in the first place? This is my list of famous people who get talked about way too much. I think of these people as parasites in the entertainment industry all because the media bosses mindlessly focus on them rather than find people who have much more potential. As a result...
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In this list you can find the best Squidoo lenses about Kim Kardashian and products related to Kim Kardashian. If you are a fan of Kim Kardashian than you really need to check out these lenses and find awesome things that will interest you if you're interested in Kim Kardashian. (82% complete, at least 36 words missing)

How Much Money Does Oprah Winfrey Make?

A lot of things to say about Oprah Winfrey. She is one of the most popular person of United estates. She is an american Tv host, an actress and a producer as well. She was born in a poor family but with her hard work and dedication now she is one of the richest person on earth. She is the highest earning african american and also was the only billionerie...
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Who is your favourite action hero? The action hero has to be tough looking and bald because that make him perfect for the role. Here are my top three favourite action heroes who are just bald. (53% complete, at least 94 words missing)

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Wow.....SCARY! (17% complete, at least 165 words missing)

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I started this "Famous People Born on..." series a while back, and it was just so much fun, I decided to keep going with it. These are my top three hubs so far. (93% complete, at least 14 words missing)

How Much Money Does Sandra Bullock Make?

Sandra Bullock topped the Forbes' 2010 List of the Top Ten U.S. Actresses in terms of pay, beating Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz. She made a wise decision when signing on to make the 2009 "Blind Side" and asked for a share of the earnings rather than receive a huge upfront pay. My favorite film of hers is "While You Were Sleeping" -- a really...