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Batman and Robin are the most famous vigilantes in Gotham City, but they aren't the only enforcers who have made the city's safety their concern. The valiant James Gordon has dedicated his life to keeping Gotham City residents safe, and The Huntress enacts her own brand of vicious justice on those who cross her path. Catwoman, a wild card in any deck,...
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Top women who have played the catwoman
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There have been quite a few beautiful women to take on the role of the catwoman. Just take a look at the list of these extraordinary women. This list is not in the "best to worst" order but simply reverse chronological. Starting with the smoking hot Anne Hathaway and her appearance in the recent Dark Knight Rises... There have been quite a few beautiful...
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The Dark Knight Rises is the big conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.(Batman Begins. The Dark Knight .The third Batman Is expected to cast a lady villain. We not know who that villain will be but there are some good guesses going around.
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