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Having functional and exceptional good eyesight is something thats absolutely necessary so we could continue visually viewing things and its surroundings much more clearer. Unfortunately though, there's always a chance as normal aging persists, decreasing vision loss won't be far behind signaling possible abnormal problems. In general, our lens were...
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Photos from Food Country USA
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These photos were taken with permission of the manager at one of my favorite grocery stores called Food Country USA at 6766 West Andrew Johnson Highway, Mosheim, TN 37818-3836. This grocery store is located on the 11 E By-Pass in Greene County, Tennessee. I was amazed as I took pictures at this grocery store that even after a few hours of taking photos,...
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Ladybugs are good. for your garden. Many plants encourage ladybugs into your garden and here are the top 10 plants if you want a garden full of ladybugs. Marigold, cilantro, carrots, Sweet Alyssum, dandelion, butterfly weed and more (24% complete, at least 151 words missing)