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This list provides top 10 cancer articles of the year 2014.Cancer is a medical term used to describe the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body due to genetic and environmental factors, cancerous cells can grow uncontrollably and invade other cells and tissues in the body through the blood and lymphatic system. Researchers have found more...
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Disease is easier to prevent than it is to cure.
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Dire health concerns are forever on your mind regarding the issue of cancer to toenail fungus to diabetes and high blood pressure. You can alleviate these ailments with holistic therapies and at times with medicines that cause unwanted side effects. What are you to do? You do have a choice! First, you can prevent a degenerative disease by deciding to eat organic...
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Cancer Cells
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Cancer is one vicious disease that knows no limits. This oddity of the natural world has been known to attack men, women, and children, many times without warning. Even some of our most advanced technologies are no match for this deadly condition. Here are the top 5 deadliest forms of cancer in the United States. (65% complete, at least 70 words missing)

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Skin cancer is among the most common of cancers in the world. In fact, more than 1,500 people die each day from this preventable disease. The fact that it is preventable makes it that much more of a tragedy. Here are the Top 5 Ways to prevent skin cancer.
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Many people die of cancer for no reason other than ignorance. Get educated and skyrocket your chances of beating this disease!
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Here is a list of the top 10 illnesses and causes of death in the United States. At the bottom you will see a list of the top 10 illnesses in the Philippines. What is surprising is how different they are. You have to ask if the causes of caner and heart disease are caused by our food and lifestyle. (55% complete, at least 90 words missing)
Green Tea
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Green tea has plenty of benefits for health point of view. It's now a scientifically proved that drinking green tea rapidly improves the health and helps lower one's risk of heart disease, lowers Cholesterol. (69% complete, at least 61 words missing)

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From the unethical practices in India that lead to thousands of poor, illiterate Indian Farmers to commit suicide by drinking Monsanto Pesticides, to the three percent udder puss Monsanto Mutant Milk, to the Monsanto War against French Fertility with their cancerous, reproduction stopping potatoes and corn; Monsanto is well known to be the single greatest...
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Top ten cancers having high mortality ,check out its prevention and treatment .
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Even if you can’t afford to donate your own money to charity at this time, you can still do your part and visit these click-to-donate sites.
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