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As you can probably tell by the heading "Top 10 Reasons Why Lego Is So Cool" i am a Lego Fan, A.F.O.L if you will and i want to share with you The Top Ten reasons why Lego is the greatest Building Toy To Own Collect & Build and what makes it so cool. 10 Reasons Why Lego Is So Cool And Why It`s The Best Toy For All Ages & Genders To Own 1. Lego...
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Here are three of the top beginner toys that introduce babies to the concept of shapes and encourage interactivity. (45% complete, at least 110 words missing)

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Writer: Tammy85 whose referrer is JadeDragon

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Are you going toy shopping for your baby anytime soon? Why not get him or her a set of baby building blocks! These are blocks designed just for babies and toddlers to play with. They are colorful, come in different sizes and shapes, and some will even make crinkle or bell sounds. The blocks you can find for babies ranges from wooden blocks to shape...
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