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A pirate-themed birthday party is not only popular - they are really fun for both kids AND adults. Below are my top 10 ideas and supplies for a pirate birthday party. If you're like me, you get tired of searching ALL over the internet when you need the supplies to put a party together. A great pirate birthday party has LOTS of parts...and they're all right...
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Games are essential to a good party, they keep the guests occupied and having fun. If there are no games planned, the party will most likely be a flop. A camping birthday party is a great birthday party for girls or boys of different ages. And it is fairly easy to plan one, however camping themed games are somewhat hard to think up. So I have made a list...
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Have you ever thrown a birthday party for your child where you thought, "Why didn't I hire someone else to do that?" Well here are some ideas for your son or daughter's next party that will allow you to relax and still give them a special birthday.
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