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How well did the site in 2012 in terms of visits? Thank to Google Analytics, I'll be able to give you some insights into what happened on the site.
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Publisher: nkenji referred by Zentao01
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Publisher: javaman. Referrer: Alliax

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Reviewed by mulberry whose referrer is poddys
Best Reviewer is a publishing site that provides readers quick references for finding the best of the best in any given topic area. For writers on the site, there are a few things that can help your "Tops" better meet the needs of readers and help their overall performance as well.
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Posted by LindaJM whose referrer is poddys
The Best Reviewer website is new, but already it has galvanized dozens of people who busily have made new pages to tell others about what is most important to them. I've spent a lot of time reading the lists writers make here, and responding to them. I'll continue to do that because I really like reading what's been written and learning about new things....
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Created by Tarin
We all love She Told Me. I wanted to create a Top of three scoops to show the recursive potential between She Told Me and Best Reviewer. I hope this doesn't result in the Google bot self destructing... (24% complete, at least 152 words missing)