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Top 10  Coolest Movies of 2017
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The best of the best that is loading production , these movies will complete your watching experience . I have done a little research about the 2017 upcoming movie and found the best stories and what people really like to watch . A mixture of action ,horror , drama that directed by our best celebrities . 6 more month to go until you could watch some...
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Whether it’s LGBT fairness or dispute over the Bible being indoctrinated in public institutions, liberal and traditional ideological disagreements are notable. As it happens, this also holds right for filmography. If you’re seeking out liberal films – or those with a particularly liberal information – these ten movies could quite probably change...
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How Much Money Does Leonardo Di Caprio Make?

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Recently I enjoyed the Wolf of Wolf Street starred by America Actor Leonardo Di Caprio where he plays one of the most corrupt stockbrokers around Jordan Belfort.
Top 10 Philip Seymour Hoffman Movies
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Now is a great time to binge watch on Philip Seymour Hoffman movies...This top 10 list of movies include award winning performances of the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman...He earned his one and only Oscar in the biographical depiction of the best-selling author Truman Capote...But my personal favorite character, Rusty, is in the movie Flawless (1999)...Don't...
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New Animated Movies
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Here you will find the trailers for the 10 most totally epic anticipated animated movies that are new for 2013...Being a mom to eight plus kids and a lover of THE Pixar animated film that kicked it up a notch, "Toy Story", I can guarantee you that I know a great animated movie when I see one... Speaking of great, "Finding Nemo" which is also from Pixar...
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Quentin Tarantino Movies Django Unchained
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Have you seen the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained???...Well, if you haven't then enjoy movie clips from it and the other top Quentin Tarantino movies all on this page...There are interviews of Tarantino and the stars of Quentin Tarantino's new movie, Django Unchained...Check out all of the best Tarantino movies in the videos and movie...
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Best movies
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Movies come in all shapes and sizes and before someone can give you a list of the best movies you first have to narrow it down by category. We have compiled this list of great movies by sub genres. Each list identifies at least the top ten movies in that genre based on a group of movie rankings for the category. In other words they are blended averages...
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The current top 5 articles on best movies ever made has been created to guide movie fans through the wonderful world of cinematic art and help them find another good film to watch in the evening. The collections include films from different genres from film noir to silent comedies and sci-fi. (67% complete, at least 66 words missing)
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I would like to share a list of my movie and television show lenses on Squidoo. I am a movie fanatic. I love movies and tv shows from all genres whether it romantice comedy, classic horror, or drama, and I love making entertainment lenses. Here they are... (48% complete, at least 103 words missing)

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The Foreign Press Association of Hollywood each year gives the awards a Golden Globe for best Film and Television has announced the list of nominees for this prestigious award where the movie "The King's Speech" has been the most nominations was . The wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and actors Josh Duhamel (star of Life as we know it) and Blair Underwood...
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