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I am a huge Batman fan so when I first heard they were making a show called Gotham I was excited. I figured it would be something like Smallville, which I loved, that shows how Bruce Wayne developed into Batman. I thought we would even see him do a little crime fighting maybe with a mask to hide his face. Then I found out the show would be concentrating...
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Every since the first season of "Arrow" I have been saying that it is actually a combination of Green Arrow and Batman. I don't know about you, but the Batman similarities are so obvious. In this post I'm going to point them out and you tell me if I'm crazy or can you see them too. Many of you may have already noticed the similarities yourselves. So lets...
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Batman and Robin are the most famous vigilantes in Gotham City, but they aren't the only enforcers who have made the city's safety their concern. The valiant James Gordon has dedicated his life to keeping Gotham City residents safe, and The Huntress enacts her own brand of vicious justice on those who cross her path. Catwoman, a wild card in any deck,...
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Top women who have played the catwoman
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There have been quite a few beautiful women to take on the role of the catwoman. Just take a look at the list of these extraordinary women. This list is not in the "best to worst" order but simply reverse chronological. Starting with the smoking hot Anne Hathaway and her appearance in the recent Dark Knight Rises... There have been quite a few beautiful...
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Dark Knight Rises Information
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If you are a fan of the new Dark Knight Rises movie. (and who isn't: IT is awesome!) you will love some of these great pages that bring you info, posters, pictures wallpapers and more all revolving around what may be the greatest comic book movie of all time: Dark Knight Rises. The First Dark Knight movie was great, the second was the best comic book...
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The Dark Knight Rises is the big conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.(Batman Begins. The Dark Knight .The third Batman Is expected to cast a lady villain. We not know who that villain will be but there are some good guesses going around.
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Who doesn't love Batman? He's the defender of all of the citizens of Gotham City and a hero to us all, so why not salute him with your morning cuppa? These Batman mugs are a great thing to drink your coffee or tea in at any time of the day.
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Do you remember the batphone from the 1960's Adam West version of Batman? Cutting edge technology has come a long way since then but even Christian Bale's Dark Knight needs a phone. Why not accessorise your iphone 3G or iphone 4 with a fantastic superhero iphone case with a batman theme? It'll be just like your very own batphone but with a modern twist! (98% complete, at least 4 words missing)
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Everyone loves the Superheros of DC Comics. If you have a DC Comics fan on your gift list then you might want to consider a DC Comics Poster for their Christmas gift. The DC Comics Superheros have been around for 75 years and there are lots of stories about their epic battles and adventures. (95% complete, at least 9 words missing)