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Clint Eastwood stars in his first movie in four years in TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE. It was thought that GRAN TORINO would have been his last outing in front of the lens, but he was convinced to give it more shot. As in GRAN TORINO, his age fits his character perfectly! He plays an aging baseball scout named Gus who's failing eyesight may ruin his career....
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These are my top 3 sports , mostly because I grew up playing these sports. (49% complete, at least 102 words missing)
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There is much sports equipment you can buy: children's active games and outdoor furniture available to day. Equipment from all the usual games can be found: baseball, basketball, archery, football, lacrosse, as well as equipment for your game room: darts, arcade games, dukeboxes For the parent who wants their child to play outside and not play with...
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The Yankees, love 'em or hate 'em, they win a lot. And this year will be no different. Create your own Best Reviews HERE (24% complete, at least 152 words missing)
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Collecting autographs of your favorite athletes is a great hobby. There are some tips to follow in order to actually get those cards signed. (70% complete, at least 60 words missing)
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There are a few rarer pitches in baseball that are very strange. These odd pitches are not the most popular but merit a little research. (74% complete, at least 51 words missing)

How Much Money Does Carlos Beltran Make?

Carlos Beltran is the legend player of and out fielder of the New York Baseball Team. He is themember of New York Mets. Now a day his agreement is with Zack Wheeler.

How Much Money Does C.C. Sabathia Make?

C.C. Sabathia is a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees. He is also the ace of the pitching staff. For the 2011 season, Sabathia will make nearly $25 million.

How Much Money Does Alex Rodriguez Make?

Alex Rodriguez is the starting third-baseman for the New York Yankees. He is a three time MVP and 14 time All Star. For the 2011 season, he will make $32 million as the third baseman for the New York Yankees.

How Much Money Does Derek Jeter Make?

Derek Jeter is the starting shortstop and captain of the New York Yankees. For 2011, Jeter makes nearly $15 million under his contract with the Yankees. This does not include the additional tens of millions he makes annual through endorsement deals and other business ventures.