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Football is love. Football is passion. I've followed football since I was a small kid, and since I was falling in love with it. My passion for my favourite teams remains as strong as ever. There were some great teams I remember fondly. No, I haven't been able to see all great teams, and I might miss some bloody obvious choices. The list is a purely...
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How Much Money Does Xavi Hernandez Make?

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Xavi is the key footballer of Spain and Barcelona. He is considered as one of the best footballer in the world. He has got the creativity and skills. He is the main play maker of spain and Barcelona. He won the Fifa 2010 worldcup. He also won many trophies for his club Barcelona. He earns good amount of money annually. what do you think about xavi's...
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Seen a couple of great places to visit on your travels, from Barcelona with there great art and loads to do, the Greek Island of Mykonos, for fun and relaxing or the old town in Athens the Plaka. Get some culture and fun all in one of these places.
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How Much Money Does Pep Guardiola Make?

Pep Guardiola is the current Footaball manager of Spanish Giant club Barcelona. He is doing a great job for Barcelona and he does deserves this big salary.
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What better gift for a lover of Gaudi's buildings, than a unique jigsaw puzzle showing his amazing architecture?
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Antonio Gaudi was a brilliant architect who designed a startlingly unique array of organic and beautiful buildings in Barcelona. His church - la Sagrada Familia - is still being built today, and the Parc Guell is a famous park designed by him, and full of his buildings, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site.
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Antoni (or Antonio) Gaudi is one of the world's greatest architects. His beautiful buildings appear throughout the city of Barcelona and are well worth a visit. Even if you can't visit in person, there are many fascinating books that discuss both Gaudi himself, and show his gorgeously artistic buildings. And what better gift for a cold Christmas than...
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