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Habit change can be a tough thing to swing. The Habits we have can be built in and ingrained. Not easy things to shake loose. While habit change can be hard, it is certainly possible. Here are a list of some articles with some ideas for great habit change and ways to go about getting it done. If you want to change your habits, here are a few ideas...
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Find Good Habits
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You are your habits. On average over 40% of the activities that people undertake during the course of a normal day come from habits. Both good and bad. From brushing your teeth when you wake up to the morning coffee to the smoke break cigarette, our day is full of our habits, both good and bad. Due to this fact it makes good sense to highlight our good...
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We have a plenty of bad habits, when it comes to food and eating. The most common cause is that we are not sufficiently informed of what we are eating, and the way we are doing it: we simply operate on automatic. We live in a history phase when everything must be fast, otherwise we miss our first targets: money, career, success. So we put in the background...
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