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Going through a transition phase what once was Hotmail is now However, still a webmail application, there is no reason for users not to keep a backup of their emails for future use. Everyday multiple accounts get hacked and everyday users lose their valuable emails. So in order to avoid such disaster, saving emails to computer...
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Backup Exchange Server Files for Free
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Most of the User ask why is there need to backup Exchange Server Files? This is because Exchange Server have user mailboxes which have entire email content. If this data get lost then it can be retrieved from backup exactly in same order as it was stored. Exchange Server Recovery software cannot guarantee to get files in same manner. Exchange data can be back...
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This is something I HIGHLY recommend doing. Backup everything twice! (68% complete, at least 63 words missing)
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We protect our home from burglars, pests, strangers and other things that may do unwanted actions to it. Just like our computers, we should secure it to avoid unwanted access and possible lost of important files. We have relevant informations like, bank accounts and san that we need to protect. Here are 9 ways to protect your computer. (71% complete, at least 57 words missing)
dropbox tutorial
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Dropbox has been launched in september 2008 and since then has millions users worldwide. Your files are very securely stored. Dropbox uses the best tools and engineering practices available to build its software, and it has smart people making sure that it remains secure. Your files are backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected. Nobody can see your...
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