An Insignificant Race Surreal Art
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Composed by mikeb2010 referred by Alliax

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I truly enjoy doing surreal art. It is a great way for me to express my creativity and explore my imagination. Traditional art for me is boring. I don't want to just paint what I see, I want to re-imagine it. I want to make something other then what it is. On my new website I showcase the work I have done and will add new pieces as I create them. If you like...
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Published by artyfax. Referrer: poddys
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Artists are creative people, and as such do not like to be tied down to doing things that limit that creativity. However, artists have to earn money and if they rely on selling their art to earn that money then it is useful to know what is likely to sell. I have reviewed a survey which was carried out recently, at my Squidoo Lens, Top Ten Subjects...
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