An Insignificant Race Surreal Art
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I truly enjoy doing surreal art. It is a great way for me to express my creativity and explore my imagination. Traditional art for me is boring. I don't want to just paint what I see, I want to re-imagine it. I want to make something other then what it is. On my new website I showcase the work I have done and will add new pieces as I create them. If you like...
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Surrealist Art
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I have been drawing and painting for quite a few years now and as such I have produced quite a number of art pieces. My interest in art started out with comic book characters, more specifically superheroes. In my second year of high school I was introduced to the art of Salvador Dali and surrealism. That's when I decided I wanted to be a surrealist...
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overtailed pheasant (mixed media, by Joachim)
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To feed the discussion: here are 3 more websites where artists can present their work. Use them colleagues. It's for your own benefit (47% complete, at least 105 words missing)
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Underneath I will guide you to a couple of art sites. Virtual galeries for artists and art lovers, and everyone who wants to know what is going on in the world of art today (64% complete, at least 71 words missing)
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Back in the mid 90's, there were two of the greatest hip-hop/rap artist in their prime. 2pac and The Notorious B.I.G. Growing up in New York, all that was talked about was Biggie Smalls. At that time, he was at the top of his game with just about everything he made was a hit. So I would like to introduce to you my five favorite Biggie Smalls singles...
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How Much Money Does Agni Rush Make?

Agni Rush is a designer, photographer, writer, artist and animal welfare activist.
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I'm a busy person online - I have art galleries and shops, blogs, social sites, article writing and attempts to earn money online, so which are the best places to find me, see my art, BUY my art, read what crazy thing has me all interested lately, or just get hold of me? My sites are mostly divided between actual content generation and promotion of said...
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