An Insignificant Race Surreal Art
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Composed by mikeb2010. Referrer: Alliax

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I truly enjoy doing surreal art. It is a great way for me to express my creativity and explore my imagination. Traditional art for me is boring. I don't want to just paint what I see, I want to re-imagine it. I want to make something other then what it is. On my new website I showcase the work I have done and will add new pieces as I create them. If you like...
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photography flash site
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Creator: joachimartist
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Here is a fantastic recomendation: Wix designs are for free, everyone can use them without any knowledge of coding or tools. Just load it into your pc and start editing to make it your own. Even as a web developer I like this game because it works fast. Sometimes a couple of changes in the layout, but even this isn't nescessary. Just do it and start...
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Published by artyfax whose referrer is poddys

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Artists are creative people, and as such do not like to be tied down to doing things that limit that creativity. However, artists have to earn money and if they rely on selling their art to earn that money then it is useful to know what is likely to sell. I have reviewed a survey which was carried out recently, at my Squidoo Lens, Top Ten Subjects...
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watercolour art
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Creator: artyfax introduced by poddys
INTRODUCTION: TO TOP TEN MEDIA FOR ARTIST TRADING CARDS Art Trading Cards have become an art format (2.5X3.5 inch) which is found everywhere on the web. ATC's which are traded or ACEO's which are sold, are otherwise identical. The format is a miniature art form which is 2.5 X 3.5 inches, which is similar to the trading cards which are so ubiquitous...
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Best Kindle Skins
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Find some cool looking art skins for your 4th generation Kindle ebook reader. Make your Kindle look cooler with one of these artsy skins. Is Kindle are cases include many of the best artists in the world and will make your Kindle something truly unique and special by showcasing the art that you love to enjoy
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Hundreds of books are published either on paper or online every month – so what makes a book so popular that makes it a best seller? I am sure you can think of several reasons. In my opinion, the book must connect with the emotions of the person reading it. The book can take you to places you have never been, make you deathly scared, laugh or even...
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overtailed pheasant (mixed media, by Joachim)
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Posted by joachimartist
To feed the discussion: here are 3 more websites where artists can present their work. Use them colleagues. It's for your own benefit (47% complete, at least 105 words missing)
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Written by joachimartist
Underneath I will guide you to a couple of art sites. Virtual galeries for artists and art lovers, and everyone who wants to know what is going on in the world of art today (64% complete, at least 71 words missing)
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Composed by Tammy85 whose referrer is JadeDragon
There are many types of crafts both children and adults can take part in. One type would be crafts that involve the use of leaves. This can include real leaves, artificial and craft leaves, or handmade leaves (out of construction paper). The crafts can range from putting together a collage of leaves to creating leaf garland to hang up. If you are looking...
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Sent by Tammy85 referred by JadeDragon
There are many types of crafts children can try out, such as flower crafts! They can create their own flowers and roses out of paper, put together a flower collage, and more! While flower crafts are fun, they can be educational as well. For starters, it teaches children a little about flowers. This can range from what flowers look like in general to the different...
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