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Posted by wahmshelley

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Here you will find the trailers for the 10 most totally epic anticipated animated movies that are new for 2013...Being a mom to eight plus kids and a lover of THE Pixar animated film that kicked it up a notch, "Toy Story", I can guarantee you that I know a great animated movie when I see one... Speaking of great, "Finding Nemo" which is also from Pixar...
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Publisher: Bobski606 whose referrer is squidoogirl
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Disney has over 9 decades of experience in the entertainment industry and is still one, if the the biggest, of the major players in the business. Since the first animation in 1923 the corporation has continued to grow and in doing so entertains millions of people every year. Disney started with simple black and white animation and has since branched...
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Posted by poddys

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Christmas is a time when all children love to watch movies that have a Christmas theme, and parents are often likely to watch as well, especially when they see their children watching favorites from their own childhood, like Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer or Frosty The Snowman. These are some of the best loved Animated Christmas Movies for children,...
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Reviewed by workingmomwm
A short time ago, I began writing hubs about some of my favorite (and least favorite) movies. I began with animated movies I enjoyed in my childhood. That one is still one of the most popular on HubPages, given its Hub score and number of traffic views. The others are much newer. (74% complete, at least 52 words missing)
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Reviewer: flynnthecat whose referrer is lou16
If you loved 'How To Train Your Dragon' (and you probably did, as it was both fun and clever and wonderfully animated - my dad watched it four times in the first week alone!) then you might be looking for more toys, artbooks, and various extras to extend the magic. There are awesome dragon plushies, the original book series (did you know it was a book...
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Published by LindaJM referred by poddys
Some of the cutest children's movies ever! These were watched a lot during 2010.
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