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Are you looking to add a furry feline friend to your life, but you're not sure how or where to start? Try here! Cats are very popular animal for first-time pet owners due to their self-grooming, gentle nature, and ability to live completely indoors, even in small apartments. However, some cat breeds are more work than others, and some are more suitable...
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Dog apparel is designed to keep dogs warm, dry and clean in the winter and cool in the summer. There are also dog life preservers too if you like to take your dog out on open water. The dog coats/t-shirts that we have here come in a variety of styles and themes. There are funny shirts, nerdy shirts, military and tuxedo style shirts too. There is a shirt... (85% complete, at least 30 words missing)

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If you're using a traditional collar and leash combination with your dog and find they often wheeze or cough when out walking then you might want to consider using a harness instead. By using a harness the pressure is distributed around the chest, torso and back instead of being all on the neck. This unique design also gives you greater control over... (82% complete, at least 35 words missing)

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While you may think that stainless steel whistling tea kettles are only to be had in the mirrored finish, get ready to be pleasantly amazed. Animal Whistling Tea Kettles are used traditionally for heating water for your favorite tea. If you are an animal lover or know one, these Animal Whistling Tea Kettles would make great housewarming, birthday or wedding...
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Coloring pages of farmers, animals, lighthouses, and dresses.
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Check out these free coloring pages on Squidoo to keep the kids happy for hours. These coloring pages feature farmers and farm animals, lighthouses, and dresses to color. (71% complete, at least 58 words missing)
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Do you enjoy getting out and doing something besides shopping, eating, and going to the movies? Why not visit a farm? There are plenty of farms in Maryland to check out. Some farms will sell fresh produce and flowers, while others will allow you to get up close with the different farm animals! Many of them have seasonal activities and events for the fall...
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Children love many things, including animals, insects, and arts and crafts! So why not combine those three things and come up with a fun project for children to work on! You can use arts and crafts to create many little animals and insects! Here are a few ideas for animal and insect crafts for children. Depending on the age and the project, parents...
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Learn how you can help birds and other wildlife caught in oil spills. (18% complete, at least 164 words missing)
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Thinking of a career change that involves animals. Learn how to get a job that benefits wildlife. (25% complete, at least 149 words missing)
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Millions of cats are kept indoors to avoid the many health risks that exist for them outdoors. However, not all cats can be kept indoors so it's important to learn more about the risks and how to reduce them. While in urban and suburban areas cars are probably the biggest threat, here are some of the other big dangers.
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