We the People of America. Freedom from Tyranny!
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America appears to be on the brink of collapse. The question people always ask is why and how is this possible? There are many reasons why this is not only possible but it is happening here in America. There are fundamental reasons why this is happening in America and sadly these reasons are often pushed aside and the people presenting them are deemed...
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I'm a joker ridin' a jet airliner all the way home! My name is fixed in the stars thanks be to my parents. I think therefore I am! We must figure out what is holding us back and unite to move forward. Have you grown up in the 1990's in America? If you have you know the world is changing so you better hop on or get left behind!
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OWS (Occupy Wall Street) is a spontaneous movement that grew extremely fast. A revolution of the 99% (of the population) against the 1% who detains the wealth and fix the rules. This massive movement against the financial market as it is today shows how much American people are fed up with the system in place. But can the people really take control?...
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