Simple tip to have a perfect ad placement for AdSense

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Simple tip to have a perfect ad placement for AdSense

It's very simple to have a good ad placement:
Imagine your site is not yours.
Imagine you're an advertizer and can chose the exact location of your ads on this site.

There you go. I'm sure if you take the point of view of an advertizer, you will know the best ad placement.

Don't think of adsense ads as a burden on your site, as something which annoys visitors. If it can help you, consider adsense ads as additional content for your visitors, as something of value to your readers.

Put the maximum number of ad blocks allowed, 3 adsense ads, 3 adlink (thematic links) and 2 adsense search boxes. Don't listen to those who tell you that putting less ads on a page makes the CPC higher. It's true, but CPC is not a high priority, eCPM and number of ad impression are much higher priorities. Having the maximum allowed number of adsense on a page increase CTR, which is easier to manipulate in order to achieve higher eCPM (CTR x CPC).

So for a perfect ad placement and optimized CTR, use your common sense, don't hide the ads!

Hey, james if my ads are too closed to each other will it cause any problem? I heard google is strict about ad placement as well. Listening your tips i changed my blog ad position brought every ad close in the midle of the blog so that reader can watch them. can you give me some advice on it please?

@tnvrstar: I don't see any adsense on your
@Blogmakesmoney: you have a problem in your template, the only thing I see (firefox/pc) is a big 120x600 or 160x600 that pushes the content below the page fold, that's not good if you get a human review from adsense you'll receive a warning email about that for sure.

You mentioned the following: "Put the maximum number of ad blocks allowed, 3 adsense ads, 3 adlink (thematic links) and 2 adsense search boxes."

Can you please explain where and how to do this? I just became a Premium member.

Thanks in advance,
Debbie Dunn

Hi Debbie, when I received your email this morning with the same text, I read it on my phone, I didn't understand what you were talking about. Now I understand that you're giving two informations, first you ask a question, then you give me an information that you're now a premium member and so I won't benefit from my ad on your top pages, so sad, hahaha :-)

So your question, is where and how to do this? Well that would be on your own web properties. I'm simply saying that the maximum allowed by adsense on one page is 3 adsense blocks, 3 link units and 2 adsense for search boxes.
Some write on forums that less is more, that is not putting the maximum ads allowed is better. I found it to be false. So I simply advice to put everything, not to do things half like some people suggest. Go full force with adsense, don't be shy about it! I'm not and I'm doing fine, but when I started I was like most newbies and wanting to hide ads, that's not a good way to earn money online, you have to make up your mind and then go full force with it. If you think that visitors don't like ads, then don't put any. If you think that you work online and visitors should be submitted to ads if they want to enjoy your content, then display ads in the best spots.

That's was just my advice, I'm nobody special, I'm simply saying honestly my thinking and how I do it myself. But you'll notice that on best reviewer for instance I've put only one adsense for search box on top-right, well it's just lazyness and when I'm settled down in my new accomodation and I'll start working on best reviewer again, be sure that you'll see the second adsense for search box at the bottom of the site.

Hope it answer your question and don't hesistate to ask me more on the forum, create threads and stuff, I'll answer for sure, I'm on several forums, but on this one I'll make sure to be more serious and answer fully, it's my priority compared to other forums, since it's the only forum I own online. I don't like having forums because they require a lot of work if they're getting big, but for this one I see it more as a support forum for my site's member.


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