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Hi, as you may remember I've closed new registrations to on 23rd june 2011 when I left for Thailand. Well I'm settled down since beginning of July but haven't re-opened the registration because I'm really fed up of having dozens of new applications to review every days, most of them I have to deny because the people don't follow instructions.

So anyway I was thinking what to do with this site, I need to free up time because I have plans on creating 2 new sites like best reviewers but more focused on their own topics.

So what I did today is that I re-opened the registration at shetoldme but now in order to post a scoop you need to have a premium membership which you have to pay for. So the result is that now nobody can post scoops if they don't buy the premium membership, so I won't have so much posted content to monitor, that's a lot of time saved.
Now for the registration, I wrote on the form that one will have to pay in order to post. So at least that will remove the registration from people who actually read the form but are not willing to pay anything for the service.
Of course I'll still have dozens of applications from those who don't read the form, but it's pretty simple to delete, just have to look at a few key fields from the form.

Initially my goal wasn't to make payment mandatory for posting for existing members. I wanted to have a paypal "gate" in front of the registration form, so that only those who had paid via paypal would be allowed to register (pending approval) but I wasn't able to do it, technically it's not easy to do I've found.

So I've reverted to that, at least I'll receive some payment and it will limit the number of scoops submitted.

I simply wanted to explain to you and also to warn you because if you're used to post your tops on shetoldme now you have the choice of either paying a small fee ($12 per year, it's $1 per month, ok, not the end of the world really) or simply not being able to post on shetoldme. Well except if you're a long time member and have over 70 scoops there, then you can have a lifetime premium membership for free, simply contact me. Also if you're a premium member on Best Reviewer, also contact me if you wish to have a free premium membership over at But in other cases, I think it is no big deal if you can't post anymore, see the glass half full and think of all the things you'll be able to do with all that saved time :-)

At least that's how I see it for me, I could be afraid of scoops not being submitted anymore and the site losing all its traffic, but I'm not worried the slightest, I know it won't happen, and that by this move I have saved time for my next projects, that's great! The site might lose all of its traffic but it will be for another reason, just like web directories have lost all their traffic in the past, it wasn't for this or that reason, it was because Mister Google decided that the game was over and stopped sending traffic to web directory, and since 90% or more of the traffic to web directories and most other sites come from Google, it's just a matter of time until it happens, it's not like we've learned about this just today, we know it and simply work around it by having multiple sites, that's all.

By the way, do you use Paypal's buttons on your site? I never did and since I made the premium membership on best reviewer, and now on shetoldme, I think it's great, I want to put some more on my other sites for different purposes, I want to sell things, I want to do many things.. but I won't do it right now, first I'd like to have two new sites based on best reviewers and be in a position to send you an email announcing the sites ready for your use, that would be so nice to be at that stage already, I should have started before! :-)

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I sincerely hope you're wrong with the idea that people will pay to post on, with your attitude you deserve all your projects to go down the drain, therefore giving you loads of time to live your sad little life. I can't believe your attitude to your business, and I hope people aren't taken in with your "i'm not bothered if they don't pay to post, it'll just give me more time to do all my other things" crap, you're greedy and desperate that they'll pay to post on your stupid site - I just hope they're not that silly

Hi, thank you for your message, just to put back things into perspective, the premium membership costs $12 a year..
Now, is not a business as you put it, it's just a site I've made on my computer while staying home.. I've found this idea to be already working, well more or less.. Of course the content monitoring has been greatly reduced, there have been about a dozen premium membership taken since yesterday, but the problem is of course with the pending registration queue which is still a problem as before since I get many.
I have written clearly on the application form that to post content one needs to pay first, but many applicants don't even read the form, that's most of the applications, they don't read the form, so they don't fill in the motivation field so I deny the application. Perhaps I should put the message in larger font, but I wonder if it'll make a difference, especially as I suspect many professional spammers simply use a software for account registration.
Everytime someone applies I get an email, it brings back bad memories from june when I suspended the registrations.. But I'm going to continue processing this never ending list, because of the referral program on the site, if I simply close registrations for ever then it's not fair for members who display their referral link on their site..

It's true that I want to free up time for my next projects, I don't understand why you don't believe that? Of course I don't mind the additional money from premium members, that makes me happy and for them it's good because there will be way less posting, so their scoop will have more visibility, for $1 per month, no big deal. If you don't believe that I'm freeing time for my next projects, you'll see when they'll be done, there will be links from shetoldme and best reviewer to them.

Anyway it's easy to understand, I am alone managing my sites, I don't mind it's my source of income, but when a site takes you a lot of time and doesn't earn much more than the others, what should I do? Why this site should take me so much time? Why should I not do anything about it? Well I've done this, what else do you suggest to solve this problem of mine? Nothing?

If you tell me to hire someone, well that's not yet in my plans, but eventually, why not, we'll see about that when I'll have more sites to manage and will find the right person for the job!

After you hope for all my projects to go down the drain, well that's not nice, why would you say that exactly? What is it about? You don't want to pay? I can give you the premium membership for free if that's your issue at hand, I don't mind.. What's your username on shetoldme?

Anyway, this is no big deal, there are only hundreds of sites like mine, free or not, why would it bother you? I didn't delete any scoops posted previously, I've not closed registration and posting, I've just implemented a paid membership for people who wish to continue posting, that's all I did :-)

Do you plan to introduce a shared membership for Best Reviewer and SheToldMe? I think it would be easier for you to review registrations for both of the sites.
BTW I noticed the SheToldMe button only a few days ago...

Hi, you gave me a good idea yes, I'll make the premium membership on best reviewer come with a premium membership at if the member has an account on shetoldme.
I don't plan on merging the two sites though, it's technically beyond my reach.

Although you are the owner and you have command on all your decisions. But want to tell you instead of dealing with the new enrolls by yourself alone. If you have created a team to look after your all work that would have been a good idea instead of putting some sort of sanctions which can effect your sites repu. Many article sites are doing the same and also have premium membership plans for the people who are good unique content creators and want easy submissions. Another solution could be that you setup sign up and submission plans. People who want themselves to signed up or quick submission of their articles should have to be premium otherwise they have to wait for your easy time to approve. What ever the choice is yours

Thank you very much for your suggestions, although my decision has already be taken, I was simply telling readers about this fact, now submitting to shetoldme needs to pay via paypal first. Oh, it's nothing if someone can't pay $12 for one year, then he better stop working online, seriously, $12 is nothing. After I understand if you think that posting on shetoldme is not worth even $0.1 per month, I agree with that 100%. But then it's up to people to decide if they want to pay to post on my site or not, really up to each individual.
Personally I wouldn't pay, I don't even post on other people's website for free, so for money even less! I'm talking about sites similar to mine, I'm not talking about forum, because on some forums I post for free and some forum I even bought premium membership (not cheap, but I don't mind), I know it goes to the webmaster, it's peer support, even though the webmaster surely doesn't need the money, a little more money never hurts.. :-)

So thanks for your suggestion, those are good, I know if I had a small online team I could do so much more, also I could have a premium membership for quick approval and basic membership for long time approval, but honestly that's not my goal just yet, my goal is to have more time to relax everyday, that's luxury :-)

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"but honestly that's not my goal just yet, my goal is to have more time to relax everyday, that's luxury :-)"

Go to hell James! Accept my condolence to you and your SheToldMe. I'm BabeRuth just delete my account!

OK I certainly will, seems like a hot place to be, I don't understand why people give Hell such a bad press. How well, people will always be people, what can you do about it? :-)
I'll comply with your wish and delete your account, although honestly I wouldn't mind upgrading your 40 scoops almost 2 years old account, but it doesn't look like you're that interested anyway.
People are funny sometimes, take yourself for instance, you sound like you're somewhat angry at me for making the decision I've made, well let's look at your scoop history, I see the last scoop you've sent 9 weeks ago, and the one before that 15 weeks ago, so it doesn't look like you were using it that often, does it? So why being angry? Your scoops posted previously are not being removed, the adsense sharing is still here, nothing has changed really. Oh yes, in theory you'd have to PAY, what an horrible word, and how much? $12 oh please kill me now this is too much to handle!

I wish you good luck in your projects and honestly relax yourself, appreciate life and your free time, that's real luxury, don't waste it on being angry for stupid, meaningless things :-)

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Hello, just commenting about the changes to a paid membership. I have over 50 scoops here, I've been meaning to give the site more time because I feel it could be a good opportunity to increase adsense. So far I haven't even made a few dollars here, but thought there is potential for income if I added a lot more scoops. I came by today to work here by adding more scoops, but shocked and appalled by the new fee structure. When a site starts making fundaental changes to its rules its a good time to get out. I was willing to post more scoops in good faith, making you and me more money, but disgusted by the greedy fee. $12 is a lot per year when it's speculative whether or not we'll make any adsense revenues here for our time. I won't be working here anymore.

Hi, I totally agree with you, $12 per year is such a lot of money that should never be spent carelessly, how many families could you feed with this amount of money per year in some parts of africa?
No, you're right to complain about that and I'm glad you didn't fall for this scam, use your time wisely elsewhere, there are many even better places to post your links that are still free, so no big deal about shetoldme, yeah she told me that she was greedy that's right!

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@James: You are so making light of $12. My mom had 8 children. We lived in Louisiana (one of the poorest state in the union) and I assure you $12 went a long way if one knows how to spend it on feeding 8 growing kids. Furthermore, I am currently living in Turkey. $12 (at a conversion rate of 1.84) is 22.08 Turkish Lira. As someone who used to use SheToldMe for me to even dish out $12 I'll need to be making at least $100+ on your site. The time I been on your site and after 100+ postings I've only made $0.01.
There are much better sites out there for free that is worth my time (and if they ever start asking for payment, they are worth my money).
SheToldMe was good while free. You haven't even updated the site or improved it in any way.

If $12 sounds like a lot of money then you should not spend it on a site membership, that's for sure.

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Hi James. Sounds like you've been getting a bit stressed by the silliness here. Just remember, you'll have 1 complaint per 99 happy customers, but the 1 is always louder. The happy ones generally figure it's all cool, so no need to bark.
Anyway, you probably have me in your records as Crewman6. I've not been very active in a while,but I used to be. $12? I may or may not post here in the future, but it won't be because of $12, it'll be because I've been lazy for a while and haven't been doing what I ought to be.
Since I've used your site already, and know that it's effective for me, I won't have any trouble shelling out $12 for something that works. I've certainly wasted more than that on a single bad movie :^)
(Note: Don't bother watching Sucker Punch)
What I'm getting at, is don't let the bad reactions ruin your day. You've got a plan, your following it, and that's several steps ahead of most of us. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors!

Hi thank you for the support but honestly I'm not stressed out at all. My goal was to drastically reduce activity on my paid membership is working wonders, so I have nothing to complain about. If $12 wouldn't have worked in reducing posting activity, the membership would now cost $120. :-)

James, if that really was your aim a better solution might have been to sell it. Probably would have earned more money that way anyway, although not in a paypal account.

If someone wants to buy it why not, but I have never sold a website yet.
I like whatever money comes in my paypal account because I use paypal to pay for many things, it doesn't feel like money at all. :-)

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I buy and sell websites and there's absolutely nothing of value in shetoldme. the domain name is bad, the content is terrible, and the design is an utter nightmare. I highly doubt you could even give away the site for free, what would anybody want to do with it? They'd have to wipe the domain clean and put up something good from scratch. But the name again. the only chance is maybe with some products directed at females.

I can see why you had to start charging people in order to make money off the site, but once people realize that scoops don't improve their ranking, people are going to want their money back and no one else will sign up. I think you need to reassess your skills as a website owner.

Do you design these sites yourself? If so, stop. Hire a person with actual skills. Do you think about the focus of the site before you make it go live? If not, start planning better. Are you a native English speaker? If not, ask for help before choosing domain names because you are good at that either. "best reviewer" is an awkward phrase. "best review" or "best reviews" is more natural.

You need a reality check dude. get some skillz.

Hi dude, your text makes no sense at all, because why would you care about me enough to write all this? You will never see me going to your site and giving you advice like you did on this forum, and that's the difference, big difference.. Otherwise I agree with all you said about my sites being crap, this is no news to me.. But as you may know since you're buying/selling sites, people buy all sorts of things, so it's very well possible that someone wants to buy the domain name for $1.

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In the Internet world, website domain, design and content rules can be circumvented, but still you can be successful and make profits. Why didn't you ask how much James is earning from his SheToldMe?

SheToldMe is just like many other adsense revenue sites -- they have no focus, no niche -- so a focused domain name is not needed. Look at squidoo, snipsly, hubpages, xomba -- do they mean anything? Were they major keywords before they became popular?

About Best-Reviewer, did you search if best review or best reviews are still available? even Best Reviewer without the dash is no longer available.

What's your beef with the site owner? Were you hurt by him in any way? Express it. Be fortright with it. If your purpose for being so nasty is to make him better .,... well, we can make use of some kindness, man. This world is hard and unfair and unjust,,,, help make it better. Ms. WeNeedSomeKindness

Don't worry about it, this person clearly has something against the site (like having his account deleted) or something else against me (I mean me on internet) because I don't see why anybody would bother writing on my site about my site if this person has no interest in it. To me it's not possible, because I'm not doing it myself. If I write on someone else website it's because I like the person or what I read about this person. If I don't like this person then I won't bother write anything on his site because I know anything written is just more keywords for google to send people to this page.. That's how I see it anyway..

About the best reviewer domain name, of course I've looked hard to find one with two keywords, and of course review was one of them, best was also a must, so my ideal domain name was or even with a s, but it was not available. So I thought about giving up on the review keyword, but then I thought google can relate review to reviews and probably also to reviewer, plus using reviewer instead of review would put more emphasis on the authors of the tops, so finally best reviewer is even better than best reviews, because the members can feel better about the domain name.. Well it's probably not true, it's based on nothing, just my way of accepting a situation, adapting myself to the problems and get around them instead of being blocked by them.

Anyway, back to the topic of being unhappy and writing on the site of the person you don't like for some reason... I welcome anyone angry about anything I've done online to come and add some keywords, thank you very much, every little bit helps, hahaha!

More realistically, though, the general rule behind selling/buying sites is that they are worth their monthly income multiplied by ten.

That's why I don't see a reason to sell your website when you can earn that money in a year, and then the year after you earn double.. It's like building a website to sell it, I've done it in the past, but I was fed up with the one-off payments, it's not funny..
Yes, one reason would be to not have too much work, so you sell the website, get the money and at least you don't have to care about it anymore..
Otherwise, why sell your houses if you can get more money from renting them..
There must be other reasons which I am not aware of.

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No offense, I opened the registration form and read the Flash News. Sad but its your property and your decision should prevail. What I have read on internet about your site SheToldME is very positive so I guess you have a good business opportunity and it is already working quite well so, point is don't You think that its time to go a little big and ask your community to moderate membership requests so that you have more time for more projects.
Community is very helpful especially HubPages is a good example. You should pick top contributors (Trusted Users) to moderate and give them opportunity to have their Adsense code appear in the place of referrals code or something more appropriate as seem right to you.
A suggestion to make it possible for me to participate in SheToldMe. I hope that you will think about it with cool mind, Good Luck.

Hi, I understand what you're saying, it's good idea of course, but personally I have chosen the paying membership, and I think that $1 per month is not much, but it makes an excellent filter in itself, because there are many people who don't want to pay anything, and that's fine with me, no problem at all!

For me shetoldme is now working fine, way less content submitted and when people post they never violate the rules anymore, isn't that wonderful? I think so! So this small money filter makes also an excellent filter to get only serious and literate users. At least so far.. Of course money in itself doesn't mean anything, so I'm still monitoring all content posted and I won't hesitate to delete users like before in case I find something bad. I want to lose the less time possible on this site.

Also adsense has been disabled since end of november, because of a mistake on adsense's part as I have documented it clearly. I plan on making another appeal one day, but can't be bothered until now..

I wanted to buy the $12 membership but then I felt so lazy to do it, so I didn't bother.

And I respect your lazyness. In my opinion you were right not to pay for something you can get free in MANY other places including Best Reviewer: wasting your time building artificial backlinks. :-)

hahaha you'r so damn right! ;-)
I wish you could put a banjo intro on BR!

I don't have a banjo! I can play only harmonica:

Perhaps you're mistaking me for the guy who made the videos as a preacher. Since he also play the banjo and does wood carving too! He's american, I'm not!

I must say I like the banjo gig more than the preacher one.
Harmonica is cool too!

I know I've ordered one from him with the banjo, but I don't remember for which site, and I didn't like the gig, I paid him, but I don't think I uploaded the video anywhere. Personally I prefer the preacher.. It is good act. With the banjo, you can see the false beard and generally I don't get the joke about the gimmick... The televangelist I get it and find it funny. If you search on youtube "the farting preacher" it's funny..

Finally! I've found the banjoman video on my computer which I have never uploaded because I don't like it and probably also because of lazyness.. Well those days I'm fighting my lazyness pretty well, so I've uploaded it so you can watch it..

I very much prefer the preacher videos, and soon the 52 videos for my new site about health, beauty and fitness will be finished, that will be good once they are on the site!

Thanks for the video. His beard is too tight!
What the URL of your new site? I am curious to see it too!

At the moment there is nothing to see indeed, but it's still the same ones I was talking about at the end of last summer, that is health reviewer, money reviewer and travel reviewer.. They are all a long way to go before being finished as I would like, that is working on the same principle as best reviewer.. health is the most advanced and there is nothing!
Don't hold your breath!

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