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Question about referrals

When someone joins by clicking your referral link how do you know when someone clicks their ads? Do you add your referral link to adsense as a channel?

I don't understand exactly your question, but I can explain the process maybe it will answer your query:

When someone clicks on your referral link, or simply visit your user profile page, a cookie is set on his computer. When he joins the site, if he has a cookie set, then the referrer is set to this user for life.
Now, how is this referrer used?
Well on each tops page or salary pages he creates, there will be one adsense block with your adsense id and there will be some info about you, including your site link.

Now, if you've added a channel id in your user profile, this channel id will be put on the adsense on your own tops but also on the adsense on your referrals tops. So this channel id in your adsense reports will show impressions, clicks and earnings not only from your own tops but also on the tops of your referrals.

That's about it, very simple process.

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